As a first blog post on my newly born website I think I owe you all an explanation..

“How can you move from fashion to coaching? What is the connection here?” This is the standard question I´ve been getting since I´ve ventured officially into the coaching business.

And, of course, it usually comes with that KIND of look … you know.. the one that silently means something like “ you are  going through a middle age crisis..obviously..”

And THAT look gets even weirder when I generally reply with “ I have changed only WHAT and HOW I do but not WHY I do it! .. it´s like the WHY I  love Uber!”

I admit, I´m a great fan of Uber.. to me was one of the smartest innovative business model created ever.. it allows many people to earn that extra money to pay their bills by the end of the month and offers a great service at an affordable price. In addition, Uber is an incredible aggregator of  the most diverse life stories.

Last week I had some friends visiting from India. After a full morning walking around the Prague Zoo, we decided to take a taxi back to their hotel.. so I called an Uber. During a 15 minutes ride I came to know that the driver, Paikar, was an Afghan, ex bodyguard who was working for a Czech company in Afghanistan and when the war started, they helped him to come to Prague and gave him a Czech passport. He is a cameramen for documentaries and drives Uber on week ends  and evenings  to earn extra money. He  attempted to have a conversation in Urdu with my Indian friend and ultimately end up talking about  the sadness of not being able to go back to his home country.  To me was not only a ride in town, those 15 minutes were a ride  into  a life story.

Whether is a Moroccan chef, a Czech Theology student, a Slovak accountant passionate about Bollywood movies, an Ucrainian tennis teacher or a guitar player in a metal  rock band.. I am always curious and interested about their life story… WHY? because I am truly and genuinely interested in people.. that’s it.

I loved my work in the Fashion Industry because it gave me joy. I was joyful because I could help others to accomplish something that was meaningful to them and  contribute to the making of their life story…  the designer to see her product created and displayed  in a store, the small factory owner to become a certified large size factory, the young Indian woman earning her own salary and be able to be independent and not obliged to get married at young age.  I stop loving it when I was put in a condition where no longer I could pursue my purpose…

Simon Sinek teaches us that the secret to love what we do is to “shift our mindset from using our jobs to serve ourselves, to using our jobs to serve others.”

And that´s what I did..

As the proverb says, “When we row another person across the river, we get to the other side ourselves.”

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