Global Businesses Mobility Coaching and Counselling 1-2-1

A successful global assignment drives both personal and professional development for the international assignee and business development for the company.

Whether you have a few or many global assignments, short or long-term, I can train and support your employees and accompanying families throughout the entire relocation cycle, from selecting candidates and preparing for the move, while the assignment is in progress, until the employee or family returns home – or departs for a new country.

Intercultural one-to-one coaching and counselling can support and develop your expats through all phases of relocation. The coaching or counselling can range from a single 2-hour session to continuous coaching while living and working abroad for several years, with a choice of face-to-face contact, telephone or Skype calls.

How intercultural coaching and counselling can create value:

  • Intercultural executive coaching: Together, we focus on the relocated manager’s development objectives, like strengthening global leadership competencies, motivating local employees better or achieving greater impact in a global management team. By using mapps® method  we will  use the metaphorical language of geography  to transform  the challenges of change into a roadmap.
  • Global project management: Your experienced project manager will be leading a project in a new country. I’ll help by identifying cultural differences that will play a role when interacting with project stakeholders – and  I’ll explain how to manage the differences to make sure the project achieves its goals.
  • Coaching for accompanying family: You’re relocating an employee for few years and the family is going along. You have the choice of offering the family a discount voucher for a minimum of 8 hours of coaching for the employee to use it before, during or after the relocation, as they like.  My coaching programme can include personal and professional objectives for the assignment, everyday life support for the relocated family and the experience of ‘reverse culture shock’ on arriving home etc.  mapps® method can be used as support to the coaching path.


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