Are You Good at Change?


Whether it’s a change in your job, family, a relocation or just life happening in our global and rapidly evolving world, transitions are an inevitable constant. How well do you handle cultural change and change in general?
Take my FREE test and find out your personal approach to cultural change and how I can help you navigate through it!

Name Business Email
My company informed me that I will be relocated in a new country where I have never been before and I don’t know much about. This change makes me feel:
What do I do if my everyday routine suddenly has to change significantly?
When I think of all the changes I would like to make in my life, like getting in shape, learn a new language, or improving my relationship with my partner, I usually:
When I decide to make a major change, like leaving an unfulfilling relationship or moving to a new country, the first thing I do is:
When I think back to the changes that I’ve already been through, I:
When I tell others about a difficult change that’s come into my life, I:
My friends would probably say that I:
When I feel stuck and unsure during change, I:
When faced with change or hoping to initiate a change, I take some quiet time for myself and look within:
If I met someone with different customs (mannerisms, behaviors, dress, etc.) or different beliefs (political, ethical, religious, etc.), how do I interact with them?